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Used SUVs for Sale in El Paso, Texas

Hoy Family Auto Pre-Owned usually offers the best deals on used SUVs for over 300+ miles 

A used SUV in EL Paso could represent a number of opportunities for your family and for your needs is a vehicle owner. If you've been searching for a larger vehicle for some time but you don't want to get a truck or a van, an SUV can often be a happy option in between. Our car dealership in El Paso Texas has been working for generations providing assistance with used car sales in SUV’s cars and more.

A used SUV in EL Paso could represent a number of opportunities for your family and for you. We have a wide range of used SUVs for sale in El Paso Texas including:

used suv crossovers in El Paso, TX

Used Subcompact SUVs | Used Crossovers

The crossover SUV is a low-profile SUV that's the perfect match for someone that has been driving a car for several years that is looking to upgrade. Crossover SUVs are somewhat simple and fairly similar to the idea of a wagon but with a bit of extra cargo and seating space.

used SUVs for sale in El Paso, Texas

Used Compact SUVs for sale in El Paso, Texas

Midsized SUVs are the perfect way to get an SUV that is still relatively easy to park and perfect for enjoying some extra seating. The midsize SUV remains one of the best compromises in this industry for owners that need something that will be dependable yet extremely sporty and maneuverable. View all our used midsize SUVs for sale in El Paso!

used full size suvs for sale in El Paso, TX

Used Midsize SUVs for sale in El Paso, Texas

Full sized SUVs are often what people think of when they enter into the marketplace. These are large crossover vehicles that are part truck, part van and all storage space.

used cars for sale under 25000

Used SUVs for sale Under $25K in El Paso, Texas

We offer a number of excellent deals on SUVs from top manufacturers. Check out these top quality deals on used SUVs that you can pick up for less than $25,000. Our staff in El Paso can help you get an excellent deal and deliver flexible financing on Used SUV’s under 25k for sale in El Paso, Texas.

used luxury suvs for sale in El Paso, TX

Used Luxury SUVs for sale in El Paso, Texas

If you are interested in getting a luxury experience for your next vehicle, we can point out some of the best new luxury SUVs available on the market. Consider some of these top auto makers for a used luxury SUV and El Paso for a comfortable and luxurious vehicle.

used car dealership el paso

Certified Pre-Owned SUVs for sale in El Paso, Texas

For the best in certified pre-owned used SUVs you should consider one of our certified and preowned vehicles. These are SUVs that come with a certified inspection to ensure that everything is in good working order when you pick up yoru vehicle.

Why Hoy Family Auto Pre-Owned?

We have proudly served El Paso and the surrounding communities over many years now. We can help you to test drive the latest make and model vehicles as well as source the right type of vehicle that you may want based on your needs as a family. Just come into our location and tell us what you are looking for and we can do the rest sourcing a used car in the area that will be made to suit your needs directly.

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Meet Hoy Family Auto Pre-Owned

Meet our dedicated team of used car salesmen by calling in or stopping by. Our used car team is here to help!

Things to Consider When Buying a Used SUV

There are a number of excellent reasons to consider picking up and SUV for your next used vehicle. If you are considering opting for a used SUV in El Paso Texas for your next vehicle here are some of the greatest advantage is that you can receive by opting for one of these vehicles:

Improved towing capacity and seating:

almost every SUV on the market can be great for boat or trailer owners. These are fairly compact vehicles that you can use for towing and extra passenger seating. There many SUVs on the market that are capable of towing over 2500 pounds and comfortably seating five passengers are more.

used suvs for sale in El Paso

Finally having the cargo capacity you need:

SUVs can pack an extra punch when it comes to going to the supermarket or a number of other items as well. Having the extra trunk space can help to make sure that you can do everything from picking up furniture to grabbing some of the extra groceries you might need.

used suvs for sale El Paso

Extra safety features:

SUVs are generally safer to drive than some compact cars and other types of cars on the market. This is because they are often backed by a bit of extra weight and a number of safety features on board that can make them a bit better as a daily driver. Heavier materials and a larger frame can often be an asset when it comes to preventing injuries.

Used cars for sale in El Paso
hoy family auto pre-owned in el paso, texas

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Here are some of the best ways to determine which used SUVs for sale in El Paso may be right for your needs. Keep some of these top ideas in mind if you are trying to pick a used vehicle in El Paso Texas. Be sure to contact our Used car dealership staff today if you need assistance in choosing a used vehicle in El Paso.

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